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Use of Electronic Personal Development Plan (ePDP)

Please note that the numbers of students and peer mentors reported here are not cumulative. We have no means yet to track the number of students who continue to use their ePDP after the First-Year Seminar. Faculty and staff numbers are more nearly cumulative. Very few have discontinued use after having adopted it (though a few have ceased to teach the FYS or do so only occasionally), so the later Fall FYS faculty and program leader counts generally do incorporate the previous users.

table of usage growth

We also know that additional faculty have begun or are planning to use the ePDP beyond those formally participating in this C2L project. The School of Nursing plans to embed the ePDP in the BS in Nursing curriculum it is currently revising; the BS in Philanthropic Studies faculty are extending use of the ePDP from its pilot in the senior capstone. The Study Abroad program has adapted the ePDP to help students reflect on their international study experiences and share their lessons with those planning to study abroad. Faculty in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) have pilot-tested ePDP with some of their interns. Colleagues in the Center for Service and Learning have adopted the ePDP for some 250 service-learning scholarship students, and the Center for Research and Learning has worked with the Life-Health Sciences Internship program to adapt its ePDP model for use in the numerous undergraduate research programs offered each year.


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