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link to ePDP videoIn 2012, University College prepared a short video to introduce the electronic Personal Development Plan (ePDP) to new students, to faculty and advisors considering adoption, and to others such as families and interested professionals. The video mixes student and faculty voices in describing ePDP purposes and benefits. Find it on the ePDP web site’s home page, or click here to view it now.

screenshot of Gallery pageFor examples from students who have granted permission for sharing, explore the ePDP gallery on the same web site. Most were created in Fall 2011. Some of these ePDPs are as they were created in the students’ first semester at IUPUI, while others have been updated slightly. One has been updated several times; for examples of early and later versions, see Lynette’s screenshots on our Evidence page.


screenshot frame from LHSI videoThe Life-Health Sciences Internship Program, one of the C2L partners, has focused on the ePDP for use in the middle undergraduate years. Few of the interns had previously developed ePDPs in their First-Year Semnars, so their new ePDPs focus primarily on connections between their internships, their educational and career goals, and other courses they have taken. In Fall 2012, LHSI program director Brandi Gilbert and Student Ambassadors Jeremy Sherer and Evan Torline produced a video introduction to LHSI that includes specific mention of the ePDP and its integrative purposes.

In 2012-13, John Fierst was one of those LHSI interns and prepared his first ePDP. In 2013-14, he’s helping others as a peer mentor (aka Student Ambassador).

static ePDP screenshot from LHSI

screenshot of LHSI ePDP

screenshot of LHSI ePDP


Encouraged by progress with ePDP use in other High Impact Practices, the Study Abroad program at IUPUI conducted a small pilot in Summer 2013. Participants were primarily rising juniors and seniors, whose guiding prompts encouraged them to relate the experience to their educational goals as well as to provide guidance for other students preparing for international study.

Study Abroad ePDP link

link to Study Abroad ePDP


Though the ePDP is the focus of IUPUI’s C2L project, the ePortfolio Initiative encompasses a range of uses for varied learning and assessment purposes. One of the “longest-running” uses is in one of the Department of English senior capstone courses, team-taught every spring by the director of the ePortfolio Initiative. This screenshot from the Spring 2013 capstone provides a glimpse of the growth in reflective capacity from first- to final-year undergraduates.

screenshot from English capstone



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